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May 11, 2021

Attendees: Mimi Lenio, Gail Burton, Holly Pond, Cynthia Bielec and Janet Estey

Mimi called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

President’s Report:

Mimi suggested we review the League’s policies and by-laws for any proposed changes.  They are as follows:

Proposed POLICY Changes

18 Hole Play  #3 Course Aeration
Regarding moving the ball from sliced fairways and/or holes, it is proposed that the Tournament Chair would announce before the round when the course has been aerated..  

Prizes  #2 Breaking Ties
PHWGA when using Golf Genius will adhere to the USGA method of breaking ties, i.e., last 9, 6, 3, 1 holes.

Adjusting and Posting Scores
All members must have an established Florida GHIN number.

Guest Policy
Guests and/or out-of-town guests are allowed to play 3 times in a season.

These changes will be proposed to the Board of Governors at the next meeting for review/approval.

Proposed BY-LAW Changes

The term of office will be for two years commencing as of September 1, 2021.

A website Chairwoman needs to be added.

These proposals will be presented to the Board of Governors for review at the next meeting and to the membership for vote in September 2021.

Treasurer’s Report - Holly
Holly presented the April 25, 2021 Treasurer’s Report stating the ending balance of the General Fund is $122.00. Copy of report attached hereto.

Vice President’s Report – Gail
Gail presented the advantages of using Golf Genius.  The implementation of this software would make the league run smoother with its many applications and save a lot of time.  Pairings, immediate score entry, determining game winners, live scoring to show the leaderboard  and handicap postings are the main attributes. Score cards will still be needed as they would trump live scoring. The website will be impacted and the changes will be discussed with Jane.  After discussion it was determined that the league should begin implementation as soon as possible.  A meeting with Gen was suggested to make the transition easier.


Match play was discussed to determine whether PHWGA would be interested in exploring the possibility of joining an established match play league (Seagals) and to possibly add the format to our weekly tournaments in some way.  We need to see if we could join Seagals as they have six teams and may not want a seventh.  There are challenges such as the cost of play due to the fact that Palm Harbor Golf Club may not be able to negotiate price as they are a City entity and the Green Lion Restaurant may have the same challenges for luncheons since they are privately owned.  Mimi stated that she would explore the possibilities and that perhaps we should try a match play tournament during the summer months. Janet suggested we create our own local match play league.

2021/2022 EVENT CALENDAR  -  SEPTEMBER 7, 2021 – MAY 31, 2022

Opening Day    September 7th   Shot gun scramble
Halloween    October 26th   Shot gun scramble
Christmas    December 14th   Shot gun scramble
    Back-up Dec. 7th

Club Championship   March 15 & 22   Tie times needed
    Rain Date March 29  Tee times needed
Solheim Cup    April 26   Shotgun needed
Closing Round   May 24th   Shot gun scramble

In order to secure the above dates, Mimi will speak to “The Niners” to coordinate the above schedule to ensure the dates we prefer.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.