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JPHWGA Board Meeting

February 23, 2021


Attendees:  Janet Estey, Holly Pond, Mimi Lenio, Gail Burton, Gen Hamburger, Fran Knoedler, Jane Sturgis


Janet called the meeting to order at 1:50pm.


Secretary's Report

Janet asked for any additions/corrections to the Secretary's report from the March 2020 Board meeting. None were made.


Treasurer's Report – Holly

Holly reported that our current balance is $1,419.15 + $100 from Helga not included in our totals. (see Treasurer's Report attached).


Vice President's Report – Mimi

The Championship is on schedule and will be held on March 23rd and 30th with the rain date of March 6th. Holly suggested that we use the monies from Helga to provide champagne to toast the new champion. Everyone agreed this was a good idea.


The Solheim Cup was revisited and after looking at the calendar it was decided we would hold the event on March 9th. Pairings will be done after golf on March 2nd around the flagpole across from the clubhouse. Mimi will reach out to this year's prospective captains...Beth Todd and Diana Toomalatai to make sure they are available both weeks. We will use the handicap list from February 15th.


UPDATE: Diana is not available for the pairings party. Therefore, Gail Burton will take her place. Beth Todd was honored to be asked.


Tournament Chair Report – Gen

The issue of late sign-up came up as it was a real issue this week. Three people wanted to get in after the Sunday cut-off at noon. Gen was able to get them in but it was a hassle. The group agreed that Gen should uphold the noon cut-off on Sunday. Jane will put a reminder on the website.


The question of the league using Golf Genius (the software used by the PH to manage tournaments) to do more of the work for the league came up. It is a powerful package that can do pairings, set up and print handicapped cards, do live scoring, etc. This would help cut some of Gen's workload and make scoring quicker, easier, and potentially more accurate. It would also facilitate Ringer Board tracking.  Fran is going to look into it.


Scorecards are still a mess. We have duplicate names and some are not using the last name initial to make it clear who it is. We need to stress to our members how important it is to keep neat cards that are legible and make sure that both cards agree.


Scoring sheets are not getting filled out after golf. Holly mentioned she was not able to find them. Gen keeps them in a purple case and leaves that with the card guys on their table. We need to let everyone know where to find it and the importance of filling it out. (COMMENT:  If we could do live scoring this would solve all of this issues!!)