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DECEMBER 11, 2018

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  Janet Estey called meeting to order 1:15pm.  

Janet explained that we were here today to adopt the new By-Laws which were recently updated by a committee of Pat Larsen, Holly Pond, Linda Daily and Linda Heinke.  She further explained that her voice was affected by a recent illness and asked Pat Larsen to conduct the discussion.

Pat took the floor and explained that the By-Laws have been brought up to date to reflect how we as a league now operate.    As no questions were presented regarding the updated By-Laws, Norma Kappel  made a motion to adopt the By-Laws as posted and the motion was seconded by Patti McClintock.  General  membes assembly voted to accept.

The committee also reviewed and updated Policies and it was decided that these will be voted on at the next League Board Meeting.

It was stated that the PH Mens association has forwarded to our group a copy of the Local Rules.  These too will be reviewed by the Board at the next meeting.

Tournament Chair Report:   The Christmas scramble today was cancelled due to inclement weather.  The scramble will now be held sometime in February for Valentines Day.

Membership Chair Report:  We currently have 46 active members.


Christmas gifts were exchanged and a 50/50 drawing resulted in $21 payout to Margaret Padgett.

Janet adjourned the meeting at 2:00pm.


Submitted by Judy Smith

A copy of the By-Laws included in the Secretary's Book