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Women’s Golf

Step-Aside Scramble

Scramble where everyone hits tee shot and best shot is chosen. Everyone hits next shot except person whose shot was chosen. Play continues this way until reaching green. Everybody putts.


Point Tournament - Individual - 1 pt for Bogie, 2 for Par, 3 for Birdie, 4 for Eagle - Net at Hole


Individual - Low Net Front - Low Net Back - Low Net Overall


Pick Your Partnerr

Better Ball


Sign up with partner or one will be provided

Better ball of 2some net at hole


Yellow Ball


This is a 4 player team format.  A yellow ball is rotates between the players with the same rotation throughout the game.  At the completion of each hole the add the player with the yellow ball’s net score to the player with the lowest net score together.  


Mystery Nine

The nine holes that count will be randomly chosen after play.



Tee To Green


Subtract the putts at hole and record on scoresheet.


Revert to Par - Two Front - Two Back


Record par for your two worst holes on the front and two on the back.

Easy 9

Count only handicap holes10 through 18

Hard 9

Count only handicap holes 1 through 9

Blind Partners


Total net score of partners. Partners will not be revealed until after the game


Mutt and Jeff

Record score for Par 3’s and Par 5’s only.

Fairway Points

You get 5 points if you hit your drive in fairway or green on par 3’s.  

You then subtract your puts and put the total  on each hole.  



After all players are on the green, the closest to the hole gets 3 pts.  The 2nd closest gets 2 pts, the 3rd closest gets 1 pts and the farthest gets 0 pts.

Hate ‘Em

Choose any three holes BEFORE tee-off and record par for those holes.

5 Clubs



Each player may only have 5 clubs in their bag to use.