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Women’s Golf
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As Amended December 2018

This Association shall be known as the Palm Harbor Women’s Golf Association.
The objectives of the Association are to provide a functional organization dedicated to the growth and development of the Association to stimulate and promote interest, participation and improvement in the game of golf: and to familiarize members with the rules, etiquette and good sportsmanship of the game of golf as defined by the USGA.
Section 1. Membership in PHWGA shall be open to all. Prospective members must be 18 years of age or over with an established USGA handicap. The index must be equivalent to a 36 handicap or less at the Palm Harbor Course.
If any member of PHWGA subsequently exceeds a 36 handicap, she may continue to play in the Association but must use a maximum handicap of 36.
Section 2. Applicants for membership must accept these By-laws, pay dues as prescribed by the Executive Board and if not possessing a valid handicap (handicap is within one year), shall submit to the Handicap Chairwoman five unadjusted 18 hole scores on signed, attested score cards.
Section 3. Privileges: PHWGA members shall have all rights and privileges of the Association, be authorized to chair any committee, hold elected office and be eligible to vote upon matters in which the Association has an interest.
Section 4. The PHWGA fiscal year is September 1 through May 31. Dues must be paid by May 31.
Section 1. The officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. They shall collectively be known as the Executive Board.
a. President:  The president shall be the Chairwoman of the Board of Governors. She shall appoint Committee Chairwomen and be ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee. She shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board, Board of Governors and the General Meetings of the membership.
b. Vice President:  The Vice President shall assist the President in the execution of her office. She shall assume the duties of the President in the event of her absence, resignation or inability to act. She shall schedule, plan and conduct all special tournaments, Solheim and Association Championships, and be responsible for home and away invitationals.
c. Secretary.  The Secretary shall keep the records of all meetings of the Executive Board, the Board of Governors, and the General Meetings of the membership. It shall also be the duty of the Secretary to send cards to members who are ill, have deaths in the family, and for any special events.
d. Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all funds received by her and make all disbursements. She shall present a written report of the finances of the Association at each Board Meeting and General Meeting of the membership. She shall be responsible for having the Association Treasurer’s books internally audited for any fiscal year she is responsible for.