the Annual Election Meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the Election Meeting with the consent of the person or persons so nominated.
Section 1.  The Annual Election of Officers shall be held at the April/May General Membership Meeting.
Section 2.  All balloting shall be according to Robert’s Rules of Order Revised.
Section 1.  The General Membership meetings shall be conducted at the call of the President and/or the Executive Board. A quorum for the transaction of business shall be ¼ of the membership.
Section 2.  The Board of Governors shall meet as designated by the President, Vice President, or Secretary. A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of a majority of the members of the Board.
Section 3.  Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall govern the procedure of all meetings.
Section 4.  Tuesday shall be designated as Ladies Golf Day.
Article X – Finance
Section 1.   Membership Dues: All members shall pay dues in the amount and manner prescribed by the Board. Said dues shall be non-refundable.
Section 2.  Accountability
a. All monies shall be strictly accounted for and controlled by the Treasurer.
b. There shall be a minimum of $50 working capital carried over to the next season in addition to the escrow account balance.

The President, at her option, may appoint a Parliamentarian. The Parliamentarian shall advise the President concerning rules for the conduct of business. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the procedures.
These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a General or Special Meeting provided that written notice of the proposed amendments has been posted on the bulletin board for a period of not less than two weeks in advance of said meeting. The by-laws shall be reviewed every two years by a committee appointed by the President.

By-Laws Committee
December 2018
Pat Larsen
Holly Pond
Linda Daily
Linda Heinke